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Deregulation in Missouri - Oppose HB1891!


House Bill 1891 (Cosponsors: Representative Nick Marshall and Representative Ronald Schieber)

HB1891 will deregulate the cosmetology and barber industries in Missouri. If passed, this legislation will do the following:

-Allow a person to engage in the occupation of cosmetology or operate an establishment or school of cosmetology without a license
-Provides that every establishment in which the occupation of cosmetology is practiced may obtain a license from the board
-Every establishment which is licensed shall pay to the board an establishment fee for the first three licensed cosmetologists esthetician or manicurists, or apprentices and an additional fee for each additional licensee
-Provides that an instructor trainee may, but not be required to, be a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician or manicurist or hold a license as an instructor trainee in cosmetology, esthetics or manicuring

Taking away licensing hurts the integrity of our profession and our industry and places the public at risk. Send a letter today to help stop HB1891!

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    • State Representative Ron Schieber
    • Missouri State Representative - District 013 Nickolas Marshall

Protect Your Constituents - Withdraw HB1891

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